It feels like every cloud has a sliver lining….

Days commence with ripple of excitement just

like it’s over the moon at the time…..

Ups & Downs roam around as if something is

offering us the opportunity to reshape our destiny…..

Each day has its own destiny……

Yesterday is history, today is an opportunity while tomorrow is mystery…..

All of us have hidden story within our-self which replicates our path toward possibilities.

What is apparent may not be truth?

Pain & happiness ain’t gifted by birth….

kindness & mercy ain’t reflected with love….

Hatred & ego ain’t amplified from sadness…

All misconception are molded by humanity….


Positive self-talk

What you speak believe & feel you will become . Thought turn into believes & believes control your life. Turn all that around & speak true words into your life. The most you practice it, the more you believe it. The more you believe it, the more it will become a part of your identity & then you will start acting like a person that has those things.

Our thoughts create our destiny. Positive self-talk is important because without believe in self, you can never grow. Your words have power stronger than anything you could never imagine. Make sure you are believing in your dream. So you must speak them. You must not only speak them you must feel them as real with every fiber of your body.

“Think”, “Feel”, “Believe” & “you will become”undefined

“Discipline is choosing between what you want now & what you want most”–Abraham Lincoln


What you choose to do will determine your life the way you look, think, act & feel:-

It is hard to believe but less than two or three percent of people actually have a written goal that they commit to. And fewer than 1% actually revisit their goal on a daily basis. Why have a goal, you may question. The answer is simple having a goal helps you clearly identify & work towards something you want in life. It is what will direct you & help you achieve your full potential.

Goal setting & achieving has immense power over our habits patterns & behaviors & which can guide not just your health & well being but also your professional & personal life. It encompasses every aspects of your life & the way you think see & do things.

The reality is that you want much more than you perceive but you are just two afraid to start. Remember this journey is about you, not anyone else. All it takes is commitment & discipline. You either allow your thoughts to rule your life or you train your mind to live the life you want.


“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”-Mahatma Gandhi


“The lovable loser”

When he was a little boy his uncle called him “Sparky”, after a comic-strip horse named spark plug school was all but impossible for Sparky.

He failed every subject in 8th grade. He flunked physics in high school, getting a grade zero. He also flunked Latin, Algebra & English. And his record in sports wasn’t any better. Though he did manage to make the school’s golf team, he promptly lost the only important match of the season. On, there was a consolation match; he lost that too.

Throughout his youth, Sparky was awkward socially. It wasn’t that the other students disliked him, it is just that no none really cared all that much. In fact, Sparky was astonished if a classmate ever said hello to him outside of school hours. There’s no way to tell how he might have done at dating. He never once asked a girl out in high school. He was too afraid of being turned down.. or perhaps laughed at Sparky was a loser. His classmates everyone knew it. So he learned to live with it. He made up his mind early that if things were meant to work out, they would. Otherwise he would content himself with what appeared to be his inevitable mediocrity.

One thing was important to Sparky, however- drawing. He was proud of his artwork. No one else appreciated it. But that didn’t seem to matter to him. In his senior year of high school, he submitted some cartoons to the yearbook. The editors rejected the concept. Despite this brush-off, Sparky was convinced of his ability. He even decided to become an artist.

So, after completing high school, Sparky wrote to Walt Disney Studios. They asked for samples of his artwork. Despite careful preparation, it too was rejected. One more confirmation that he was a loser.

But he still didn’t give up. Instead, he decided to tell his own life’s story in cartoons. The main character would be a little boy who symbolized the perceptual loser & chronic underachiever. You know him well. Because Sparky’s cartoon character went on to become a cultural phenomenon of sorts. People readily identified with this “lovable loser”. He reminded people of the painful & embarrassing moments from their own past, of their pain & their shared humanity. The character soon became famous worldwide. Charlie Brown. And Sparky, the boy whose many failures never kept him from trying, whose work was rejected again & again… is the highly successful cartoonist Charles Schulz.

His cartoon strip, Peanuts, continues to inspire books, tee-shirts & Christmas specials, reminding us, as someone once commented, that life somehow finds a way for all of us, even the losers.


Psychology/Positive Vibes

# Fact no 1: Being alone helps you see the loneliness of others.

# Fact no 2: Happiness causes increased helping behavior.

# Fact no 3: The more loyal you are, the more disappointed you encounter & experience.

# Fact no 4: Holding in the tears & pretending to be okay puts a lot of stress on your mind & your heart.

# Fact no 5: Sometimes silence is the most powerful scream & indication of something being terribly wrong.

# Fact no 6: Never give up on something you really want it’s difficult to wait, but more difficult to regret.

# Fact no 7: Psychology says, no matter how angry you get, you always end up forgiving the people you love.

# Fact no 8: The happier you are, the less sleep you require to function in everyday life. Sadness increases the urge to sleep more.

# Fact no 9: If you want to change something about yourself, repeat your intentions over & over. Eventually your brain will get into a new pattern.

# Fact no 10: Psychological study found that people who are generally “too nice” are also the ones to get hurt the most.

# Fact no 11: The human mind can only maintain complete trust once for each person. Once broken, it’s never the same.

# Fact no 12: Listen carefully to how a person speaks about other people to you. This is exactly how they will speak about to other people.

# Fact no 13: The worst person to be a round is someone who complaints about everything & appreciates nothing.

# Fact no 14: The worst feeling ever is not knowing whether to wait or give up.

# Fact no 15: Of all the hardships a person must face, one is more punishing than the simple act of waiting.


“Proud To Be An Introvert”

When any of an introvert living in an extroverts world we spend a lot of time feeling misunderstood. People wonder “why are you so quiet?”, “why do you keep wandering off’?, “why would you want to be alone?”

When there are parties to go to, people to meet & adventures to be had. They don’t understand that, for an introvert our adventures begin on the inside our imagination gives us wing carrying us to new world. We are the thinkers, creators, dreamers. We may still in silence but we are soaring so, when people look at us sitting alone or day dreaming or wandering off by ourselves. Don’t feel sorry for us. We may be quiet but don’t underestimate our power, we know more than we say, we think more than we speak, we observe more than other know.

We are introvert & that doesn’t make us failed extrovert. We grew up thinking there was something wrong with us but the truth is that introverts are so much more than what meets the eye. We are deep divers in a world of shallow swimmers, we know how to listen not just the words but also to the subtle messages carried on the wings of silence give us the freedom to be who we were meant to be & you will see how much introverts have to offer to the world.

It’s sure that some people might never understand us & that’s OK. Because when you know how to stand alone the crowd can’t knock you down. Please don’t try to change us into extroverts. We don’t want to wear a mask. We are introvert & that’s something to be proud of….


“Struggle of a girl”

A sick girl turned to her nurse as she was preparing to leave the universe. She wrote “Sister, I’m fed lying in this ICU ward with the oxygen mask for 24/7 since last 40 days for day and night. I’m restless this is killing me purposely; please help me to get rid of this. Such a mournful situation, she could not even speak, her voice has disappeared, and she was completely paralyzed. Very quietly, the nurse replied, “This is delivering oxygen gas for you to breath, your lungs have damaged unconditionally, so don’t you worry everything will be all OK as time passes.”

Again she wrote, I don’t want to live, how can I survive entire my life with this damn fucking paralyzed death body. I don’t get any intent to grow; I’m deformed and defective product with meaningless entity.” Nurse stared at her with benevolence and replied, if demise was really at your door then your subsistence doesn’t get matter for me right at this condition. Your expiration is not your cease. Let me make you clear, during your surgery you had already died, your heartbeat had already stopped fluctuating, there was no fortune of your liveliness it was the miracle that you are still alive. Doctors are shocked with this miracle. Your divinity never wanted you to leave this universe. I understand you are battling between your own being and death. Make this harsh condition your strength, appreciation what had happened, you cannot deny but you can overwhelm. And last but not the least; your god has already provided you the purpose to grow, that is your living. There is something special that the god wanted you to fulfill. And she stopped…………  

“In everybody’s life, there’s is a point of no return. And in a very few cases, a point where you can’t go forward anymore. And when we reach that point, all we can do is quietly accept the fact. That’s how we survive.”Harkui Murakami


“Time is Powerful”

Time is all we have this moment, right now. There’s only one thing in our life that we have never able to reacquire once it’s gone. There is a saying as time is free, but its priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You cant keep it but you can spend it. Once you have lost it you can never get it back.

Life is an ongoing process till the death. There are so many attributes, affirmations that could leads us to make our path successes but we never try to reassure our self to take off that path becoz of fear of losing or just can be said that we don’t want to face the path of failure.

The truth is that we should be working hard as success comes from effort, hard work, dedication, persistence but the key is allocate the precious time to the work to the things that makes us feel like today is powerful that right now is so amazing & we don’t want it to end.

If you believe you are powerful, it you believe you are capable of achieving great things you will attempt great things. If you speak into your life resilience & determination to overcome anything you will be ready to face & overcome anything.

Lesson of Time–Karma:- When a bird is alive. It eats ant.When the bird is dead, ant eats the bird. Time & circumstances can change anything. Don’t devalue & hurt anybody in your life time. You may be powerful today. But remember, time is more powerful than you. One tree makes a million match sticks. Only one match stick needed to burn a million trees. so be good & do good.


A cup of Black Tea

We sometimes underestimate the influence of little things. John Wooden once said that, it’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen. This integral story is just about one cup of a Black Tea. Have ever considered the power of a Black Tea? Obviously, none of us have !. I have never imagined that this one cup of a black tea will change my intact liveliness.

A few years ago, I came to realize that one cup of black tea make me alive for months. I remembered that day, when I got chance to take 3 or 4 slip spoons of black tea after 35 days, fighting with those harsh discourse. The day when I conceived, that it’s not just about a cup of black tea. It’s my life to saving possession for myself. I finally understand little things are the most important in life.

Life is full of problems, but how we approach those problems often determines whether we’re happy or miserable. One cup of black tea taught me about the problems which are really opportunities to learn about others & ourselves. They enable us to live happier & more fulfilling lives. Whatever kind of situations we face, problems give us the chance to learn & grow, both physically & mentally.

I have come to realize that problems part of what makes life worth living. Problems challenge us & give us the opportunity to do things we have never done before, to learn things we never knew before. They give us the chance to surprise ourselves. Just the word “problem” can send some of us into a panic. But it can be good things, too. They can teach us things we didn’t know before. One cup of a black cup is not just the story of my life but the fact that I have faced during my lifetime.

I’m thankful for that one cup of a black cup to grow me up as a strong & powerful woman. This enable me to live happier & mote fulfilling life.


Art evokes the mystery.

Marcel Duchamp once said that– what art is, in reality, is missing in the link, not the links which exist. It’s not what you see that is art, art is the gap. There is no doubt that art has been a part of our life for as long as humanity has existed whether that is in the form of music, drama, drawing, painting, poem. People have been creating, looking at, criticizing, and enjoying art. For me art is the source of pleasure which gives the sense of fulfillment & happiness. I see art everywhere. I love drawing, sketching, painting. This gives me immense pleasure. Though I’m not a professional artist.

Whenever I look at them, all I see is that they are different, unique. Every painting, drawing, art comes from an artist’s mind, making it unique and personal. Sometimes I try to imitate another’s drawing, the result will still have something different. I feel everyone’s an artist even though they don’t realize it. All the drawings I have drawn are based on their own experience. Those drawings show what motivated me, & what feelings I had deep inside me while drawing. Whenever someone understands a drawing, or painting, I believe the goal of the artist is fulfilled.

Unfortunately, not everyone can understand what an artist is conveying in his/her art because not everyone experiences the same things in life. Everyone’s has their own way of living, their own side of view point based on their discourse. Art is the platform to express our creativity & feelings. We can enjoy the pleasure of freely expressing our inner thoughts.

The purpose of art is not to produce a product. But it is to produce thinking. The secret is not the mechanics or technical skill that create art but the process of introspection & different levels of contemplation that generate it. Once you learn to embrace this process, your creative potential is limitless.

“A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me company, comforts & inspires”– Hedy Lamarr


Few listed of question to get started…

Many things will change with time your opinions, your environment, your families, your friends, but your core value, your one word doesn’t change. This ain’t about who you shoukd be or hope to be. It’s not about your family wants you to be or what your culture tells you to be. It’s about who you really are & leverage that to build the purposeful & happy life for yourself. It’s about living your own version of your life & following your dreams, not theirs.

Here are some list of question to get started whatever and whoever you are today. Be honest with yourself & eliminate all distraction for the next few minutes. Have an open mind. Let’s go…

  1. What is your favourite book?
  2. What is your favourite song?
  3. Who is your best friend?
  4. What is your favourite quote to live by?
  5. What kind of people do you liketo hang out with?
  6. who was your favourite boss?
  7. Who was your favourite teacher?
  8. What activities make you come alive?
  9. When was the last time you felt overwhelmingly happy?
  10. What do or did you love most about your parents?
  11. What do you look forward to most in your week?
  12. What makes you happy?
  13. Is this really who you are?
  14. What trait do you hate?
  15. What connets your happiness?
  16. What’s your constant?

Life is in living. People usually say that life is for living. This is not true. During our lifespan, we tend to face ton of hurdles and difficulties that we have never expected of. Try to think practically and act accordingly.


A Letter To Myself

The clock strikes three in the morning & I find myself still awake. Tossing & Turning. Thinking & thinking about the day that awaits. My mind is against me. But my heart tells me to be strong. It tells me that I usually find my way of key. I just need to hold on. I have written words of hatred towards myself for many years, words that I would never call anyone else, words filled with anger & fear.

Dear me, who has pushed through pain, attempted ending it all & has built an destructible wall to protect what’s left of a broken person. The spark inside you has been weak & it’s motivation & encourage that you seek. There have been nights sorrows & have said you have tried. But there is a tomorrow that you dread & worry about. Because you think it will be the same. There is no sunshine. There is just rain.

So here it is a letter from me to me. A letter I must not burn. A letter that I need. No matter hell on earth or the uncertain of the unknown. I must prevail……………


“Death can be Beautiful”

# When your hatred binds the love you posses, tightly from root to tip, to its last breath, death of hatred can be beautiful.

# When your ego seems greater then humbleness, that controls every action to the end of life, death of ego can be beautiful.

# When your compression couldn’t breath of jealousy, & couldn’t hold things longer, death of jealousy can be beautiful.

# When your fear lasts the enthusiasm you had, that sucks every thrill out of life, death of fear can be beautiful.

# When your cheerfulness is downtrodden by depression, that testify your non-existence death of depression can be beautiful.

# When your insouciance imprisons your soul, & parts you from your beloved, death can be beautiful, when death gives a life.

“Pain is certain, suffering is optimal”–Gautam Buddha


Unravel your Motivations, Values & Aspirations

Without a proper idea about who we are & what we want it is difficult to become deliberate about our choices. Self-reflection is giving serious thought and contemplation to one’s thoughts, emotions, and behavior. It can provide us with valuable insight about ourselves as we navigate the complexities of the world around us.

Although self-reflection can initially be confusing, it can invaluable in the log run. How does one start? There are many approaches and not just one right way. Here are a few for you to consider:-

General moods :- One way to reflect on a regular basis is to take note of the different moods we experience throughout the day. Emotions throughout the day. Emotions are data that have their own unique uses. By paying attention to these emotions, we can learn more about ourselves.

Values:- Values are a person’s judgement of what matters in life. Although it can be difficult to say exactly what our values are, we can use self-reflection to see what matters to us. Consider asking yourself what you noticed about people you met or situations you went through in the day. What drew your attention and how you perceived situations says a lot about you as a person.

Expectations:- The kind of expectations we have with others and ourselves affect the quality of our relationships. It is helpful to reflect on what sort of expectations we have both with others and ourselves, if we are communicating these expectations clearly, and if we are being proactive to address discrepancies if any.

Self-talk:- Self-talk is the act or practice of talking to oneself either loudly or silently. Regarding of how we do it, what what matters is what we tell ourselves.

Emotionally significant events:- An emotionally significant event is one from which a behavior or attitude undergoes noticeable change. We can look back and consider what sort of events made us change our behavior or attitude.


My culture, My pride-“My NEPAL”

Nepal is a small country yet rich in natural beauties, cultures, and traditions. There are around 125 different ethnic groups, and more than 123 different languages. One of the most beautiful cultures of Nepal is Newari Culture.

It belongs to Newari people and many tourists come to visit Nepal to learn about their unique culture, traditions and living styles.

Newar is one of the dominant ethnic group of Nepal and an indigenous group of Kathmandu Valley. There was one time when they used to make an entire population of Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur before Prithivi Narayan Shah invaded in 1769 A.D and a still large number of Newari peoples resides in these districts. Now, Newari people are scattered all around the country.

Newari is the sixth-largest ethnicity in Nepal. They are a mix of Indo-Aryan and Tibeto-Burman communities. It is said that Indo-Aryan groups came from India and infiltrated into the existing Tibeto-Burman culture but their original culture survived.

The origins of Newari ethnicity are still unknown yet there are lots of theories regarding this. Newari culture is very big consisting of many castes with different cultures, traditions, and values. Newars are divided into various clans or groups based on their ancient hereditary occupations. Although it was first introduced in the time of the Licchavis, its present shape was formed during the medieval Malla period.

Their cultures and traditions are what attracts tourists the most. Newar is very rich in culture and traditions and they have unique living styles. They have many customs that are to be performed from birth to death. They have their distinct way of celebrating festivals, conducting marriage ceremony and performing funerals.

Newari people speak their own language called “Nepal Bhasa” or commonly known as the Newari language. Newari language belongs to Sino-Tibetan languages but it is mostly influenced by Indo-Aryan languages like Sanskrit, Prakrit, and Maithali.

Newars follow both Hinduism and Buddhism. Since the original cultures were a mix of Indo-Aryan (predominantly Hindu) and Tibeto-Burman (predominantly Buddhist), both religions survived and present-day culture was formed.

A nation culture resides in the hearts & in the soul of its people.”– Mahatma Gandi

Stay safe…

Be happy…

Keep smiling!!!!


# Tips for setting your goal

There is a saying that “If you are asleep there is no problem. If you are fully awake, it is absolutely wonderful. You are awake but pretend to be asleep there is a serious problem”. Always try to be more productive before acknowledging any stuffs in your life. Decide What you want to achieve in your life. Build your self-confidence, based on successful achievement of goals. Don’t you worry, no one is perfect in this universe. Most important thing is that try to figure out that what’s important from what’s irrelevant or a distracting. Here are some points I would like to dig in for setting your goal formation:-

# State each goal as a positive statement :- Express your goal positively.

# Be precise:- Set precise goals by putting dates, times & amounts so that you can measure achievement.

# Set priorities:- When you have several’s goals, give each a priority. This helps you to avoid feeling overwhelmed by having two many goals.

# Write goals down:- This will help you to focus more & give them more force.

# Keep operational goals small:- Keep the low-level goals that you are working towards small & achievable. Keeping goals small & incremental gives more opportunities for rewards.

# Set performance goals, not outcome goals:- you should take care to set goals over which you have as much control as possible. It can be quite obvious to fail to achieve a personal goal for reasons beyond your control.

# Set realistic goals:- It is important to Set goals that you can achieve.

This is obvious that everybody does have their own way of prioritizing their mindset or goal setting. This is my way of tracking the record that I want to achieve the predefined goal. It’s important to remember that falling to meet goals does not matter much, just as long as you learn from the experience.”

Psychology Facts:- “Never give up on something you really want, it’s difficult to wait, but more difficult to regret.”

I hope everybody is doing great & enjoying their self-quarantine routine. Hope this traumatize discourse will end soon. Stay safe. Be happy. Keep smiling.


# Tips for determining what kind of person are you…

Dalai Lama once said that the purpose of lives is to be happy. Every action that we perform may get unwell but we must have faith that it is just a beginning not a completion. Here are some points that elaborate what kind of person are you:-

# Life is not ever happening session again & again. Life is one way circumstance so create happiness with you, make effort for yourself, change your concept, make your steps as your comfort, make your own boundaries, idealize every ever going situation.

# Begin your life with your self-respect, with your ongoing desires, with your passion, with your own motivation. fetch your life in your own rules & regulation.

# Make your own point of views. Don’t lead your path toward distraction.

# Listen your heart as mind is always a means that play with your emotion & feelings.

# Judge yourself, control yourself towards bad influences, make your emotion strong, love yourself, sketch your periodic time.

# Always believe that every bad situation is to teach you a good lesson.

# Never & ever abandon your dreams. Begin with small parameters but don’t quit.

# Accomplish your task whether the entire situation supports or not. As it can be taken as one of the great consequences to ongoing twist where internal ego may form for positiveness. It means I can do & I will do.

Don’t fear for facing failure in the first attempt because ever the successful math starts with “Zero” only” — APJ Ab Dul Kalam

I hope above mention tips support your path to begin your destiny with full faith and compassion.

I pray for everyone’s safety. Stay safe. Be happy. Keep smiling.



Creation is what we build within our self....life's creativity is one of the most up growing challenge that we pursue to take up as sensational path for the rational creation to the upgrading level. Why do creativity is essential?
I do believe that creation is one which enhances the personal level of any social beings. Rising own's thought, perception, creational ideas, abundant the formation of self development which boost up the willing power to form the way of living. we always think, from where we wanna adjourn our way of living. This is one of the rational question that every human beings need to ask. Literally, some of powerful creation gives a path of fulfillment toward amazing foundation of movement that changes our living formation cent percent. Motivational factors are just the references to step ahead but movement of stepping toward self development is one's ability. 
Nevertheless, changes are happened because changes refrain us to strength level. All of us know life is the circular path of happiness as well as sadness. While moving ahead we need to adhere varieties of difficulty. Though, the situation is tough enough we try to tackle with full power because we want our life to that level where we have fantasized. Those harsh situation makes our internal integrity more strong.....
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