The Place Of Connection.

Isn’t it strange that a feeling of closeness to a place I never imagined, I treasured, never appreciated my wisdom, never believed I esteemed but ever more vital This is the place where I suffered, I learned to breathe, I learned to admire my presence, I learned to see my reflection over shadow to releaseContinue reading “The Place Of Connection.”

Follow your “Heart”

Follow your heart, your brain is stupid. Pay close attention to your feelings, No matter how good something looks, if it doesn’t feel right, walk away. You see your heart is much wise than your brain. Most people, when they faced with a difficult decision, they go their brain. Most people believe their intelligence comesContinue reading “Follow your “Heart””

One of the hardest truth of “LIFE”

According to the American Psychiatric Association, “Depression is a common & serious mental illness that negatively affects how you feel the way you think & the way you react.” Depression is not simple, it’s more than being sad. Talking about is more hard enough, being judge makes it harder. It’s hard to talk to peopleContinue reading “One of the hardest truth of “LIFE””

#Journal writing

Journal writing is the act of keeping the catalog or record of your personal insights that you are grateful for. Keeping a journal allows you to improve self-seem. It has been proven scientifically that showing gratitude helps to reduce anxiety, social comparisons, negativity. Putting your thankful thoughts not only reduces the mental burden but alsoContinue reading “#Journal writing”

What has my life taught me so far?

Muhammad Ali once said that, “Suffer not & live the rest of your life, a “Champion”.” This is one of the toughest question if I need to reply. May be one day I will discover the proper answer so far. I learned, I gained new perspectives, yes, but I hated it to accept the realityContinue reading “What has my life taught me so far?”

How much time does it really take someone to heal?

Anthony Liccione once said that, “Pain will come with time but time will heal the pain.” Let me ask you one question,-“How many of you believe that time heals all the wound?” or “How much time does it really take someone to heal?”I don’t believe in this phrase. Well, time is not the one thingContinue reading “How much time does it really take someone to heal?”

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