Life’s Confusion

Life gets into harsh situation when you feel that you have nothing to do and nowhere to go even after tackling those complicated situation that you have faced. why do you get confused over your life? Is that a level of distraction or weakness or fear or you are not able to get focus over the things that you wanna do. I don’t know why I’m not happy with my own entity. Life is going on with its own pace and I’m OK with all the situation that are passing through out my entity. But I don’t feel pleasure to be myself. Where I get fail to visualize my own liveliness? What factor is pushing me out to move forward? Why I’m feeling so helpless to upgrade myself toward the better version? Living is not so easy and I’ve faced that. Almost 2 yrs I was stuck in that dark place where I never wanted to be. At present, everything is getting all fine as time passes, I’m physically fine but I’m mentally distracted with lots of burden inside my heart. Is that my weakness that I never wanted to get on. or Is it my fear that if what such condition will drive through out me again. Lots and Lots of questions are roaming around my head. But I’m not able to find out answer of any. I left my past, I left everything. I haven’t had contact with anybody because I don’t wanna be socialized. May be, I’m not normal like them. My living-style behaviors, perception, attitude, self-appearance are almost different from others. May be that’s the reason why I don’t fit in their world. But it’s OK for me. I appreciate my uniqueness. I don’t care of world, I don’t want to be like them. I am Me. I feel suffocation as if I’m at dark room where I could not differentiate what is right or what is wrong. The reason for feeling darkness is just because I fail to understand myself. I fail to understand the meaning of life. I fail to please myself. I fail to care for myself. I fail to entertain myself. Up to, now I was pleasing other’s so that life’s get easy to pursue. Is that make any sense? Of course, No……. I’m such a stupid person that I have no care for myself. I don’t love myself. I don’t know what I love.. just because I was entertaining others to get sustain………………..

Published by nikitasainju

Changing myself toward new version of the creation. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. Life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated. Life doesn't owe you anything because life is as already given you everything.

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